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Submitted on
March 10, 2012


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Tribute form

Name: Bluebell Castalusa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 4

Family and History: 13 year old sister, Burrow Castalusa, mother, Lucid Castalusa, father, Lucky Castalusa

Alliance(yes or no): District partner, Malice Lastuna

Relationship(yes or no): No

Weapon of choice: Slingshot and Blow darts

Strength: Her aim, speed, and size, making it very easy to hide or climb trees, and is extremely strong for her size

Weakness: Water

Volunteer(if yes why): No

Apperance: Wavy bleach blonde hair with copper streaks, light green eyes, freckles, 5'2, skinny and petite

Strategy: Stay hidden, only kill when nessecary, act weak and come back in the end.

Interview Clothes: A aqua, one shouldered dress made of silk and fishing line with starfish caught in the fishing line, ruby red lipstick, and dark blue pumps

Chariot Costume: Silk light blue mini dress, dark blue waves on the bottom, deep blue eye shadow and lipstick, dress infused with blue sapphires

Reaping outfit: A knee length cotton pink dress, with a dark blue ribbon, black flats, and her hair tied back in a white ribbon.
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im out never to see me again thank u love all ya just remember district 11 is the best suck up your ass and make it fart I don't care about ,my spelling mmmkays to the hot bitches thanks love you moocow15 and anyone how thinks 11 is bad eat horse shit like jack ass did
moocow152 Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Name: Rastafira lenom

Age: 14

Gender: female

District: 11

Skin: tan (not to much)

Family and History: 17 year old brother Cameo (died 3 years ago in arena district 11 by district 2 girl) sister Treasure 10 years old, Mother Talia, Father died by capitol for stealing food

Alliance: District 4 Roman Felix, District 7 Athena wellbores aka shark tooth (has sharp teeth) , District 11 boy Clash Barrow

Relationship: District 11 Clash (Killed by careers)and District 9 boy like her but got killed by District 11 after he tried to rape Rastafira in the butt

Weapon by choice : bow, arrows , knives

Strengths: Very good accuracy , Fast, knife throwing, hunting, tricky,Sexy enough guys would get supplies for her (then she kill after)

Weakness: math, Temper, nature plant knowledge

Volunteer: no

Apperance: roots are black then turn light brown and really wavy, hazel eyes, 5 foot 5 tall

Strategy: kill from far away, hide from tributes

Interview outfit : Blue dress strapless with glitter (sliver) on the top part, curled hair, black ankle boots

Chariot costume: overalls blue puffy under shirt (blue ) and a sliver huge head piece and blue ankle boots with sliver socks

reaping outfit: white dress buttoned  up in the front white shoes  

kills: District 10 horn Selkirk age 17 , District 8 girl in blood bath, District 2 boy ( he killed clash my love ) , District 3 boy (got me supplies then I killed him) District 10 girl horns selkirk partner

Name: Horn Selkirk
Age: 17
Gender: Male
District: 10
Family and History: 15 year old sister Dixie, 9 year old brother Moss, 7 year old brother Trex, 4 year old brother Basil, Mother Mary and                                          Father Louis
Alliance: Styx Rankine District 5
Relationship: Mink Caspher
Weapon of Choice: Spear,Sword,Bow and Arrows
Strength: Speed, Strength,Accuracy,Climbing,Hunting,Agility,Observative
Weakness: Plant Knowledge,Temper
Voulenteer: No
Appearance: Wavy blonde hair, emerald eyes, pale skin, strong build, six feet tall
Strategy: Observe and kill from a distance, stay hidden from other tributes
Interview Clothes: Gray suit with small sparkles and green tie to match his eyes
Chariot Costume: Suit with cow print
Reaping Outfit: black button down shirt, Beige dress pants, black dress shoes
Name: Lilly Prescott

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District: 3

Family and History: 12 Year Old Sister Dale Prescott,Mother Beth Prescott and Father Alfred Prescott

Alliance(yes or no): District Partner Ian,District 5 Jackie

Relationship(yes or no): No

Weapon of choice: Knives And Spears

Strength: Fast At Climbing Trees,Coumoflage,Throwing Knives

Weakness: Fire

Volunteer(if yes why): To Take Place For Her Clostest Cousin

Apperance: Staight Blonde Hair,Green Eyes

Strategy: Kill People at their Backs So They Didn't Notice

Interview Clothes: Yellow Dress with design of Electricity and power plant building

Chariot Costume: Silver with crown of Electricity design

Reaping outfit: Light Blue T-Shirt And Dark Blue Skirt
btw Aella means storm wind... doesnt follow her personality at all!
Name: Aella Freebrin
Gender: Female
District: 7
Family and History: Only her dad, Terry Freebrin
Alliance (Yes or No): At the first sight of someone she scampers up a tree!
Relationship(yes or no): No!
Weapon of choice: Two daggers that are mainly used for climbing trees when there are less branches.
Strength: she climbs like a crazy little monkey and she can outrun everyone except her best freind, whom she ties with.
Weakness: She can't STAND dead bodies. Even smelling them freaks her out!
Volunteer(if yes why): NO!!
Appearance: Long, naturally wavy dirty blond hair, tan skin, light freckles dusting her nose, big green eyes that are heavily lashed, solemn expression, long dirty fingernails.
Strategy: Let them kill each other out and stay hidden and uninjured.
Interview Clothes: A dark green dress with light green leaves and a wreath of leaves.
Chariot Costume: Brown Boots and brown pants that 'unfurl' to a green top with two ribbons that are lighter green that are tied to her arms, and so she basically looks like a young sapling.
Reaping outfit: Just a simple brown gown.
katara6 Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Rila Lowstock

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 6

Family and History:Kania Lowstock ,Milana Lowstock , River Lowstock

Alliance(yes or no): No

Relationship(yes or no): No

Weapon of choice: Knifes,Bow and arrow

Strengths: Speed, Agility, Aim, And Smartness

Weakness: Strength

Volunteer: No

Appearance: Wavy, Fiery red hair, Silvery grey eyes, freckles, 5'7,

Strategy: whatever happens stay hidden , find food and water
sources , Don't be in any alliances, And come back .

Interview Clothes: A Short, Green Dress. The top has green sparkles , And the bottom has mint colored ruffles

Reaping outfit: a white dress with a purple floral pattern .
Name: Kenteanna Glamour(gla-more)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
District: 1
Family: Mom, Dad and younger sister
Alliance: None
Relationship: None
Weapons: Spear (preferred) Bow and arrow( also works well for her) And cross bow( Never uses one of these in the games, but at home she used her fathers"
Strengths: Always calm, level-headed. Beauty( like many D1 tributes) Sneaky-Stealthy
Weakness: She might not always realize the seriousness of a situation. Cold temperature. Becomes easily super attached to things. Low stamina.
Volunteer: No
Appearance: Tall, A little pale, sky-blue eyes, Blonde hair usually in pig tails that hang down in front of her. A little makeup always seems to be on her face, but she does not ware makeup( Except for lipstick.)
Strategy: Not go with the careers, but get what you can from the cornucopia( Kenteanna managed to get a lot) and run. Make an alliance if your gut tells you to, but keep an eye on them. Always look for food/water, even if you don't need it.
Reaping cloths: Simply red button down shirt, long sleeve. White skirt and blue flats. Her usual two pigtails hanging down front.
Chariot cloths: Baby blue long silk dress, strapless, A small middle of the back length cape hangs, it is rounded with a hood( she takes of the hood 10 seconds after their horses pull them into view of the crowd, revealing her beautiful blond hair which is curled at the bottom and hanging loose, two locks hang over her shoulders) also wears a tiara.
Interview cloths: Long light pink dress, tight to her upper body where the fabric is a blurred reflection of whats around her. The hip to foot portion is silk with the image of silver stars moving around the portion of the dress. Hair is in a ponytail and she again is wearing the tiara. she is wearing glass high heels.
Kills: None( Only animales for which she says a prayer)
Souvenir: A neckless with a shrunken portrait of her family on one side, and an image of her dog running on the beach on the other.
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